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THE FEEDBACK HAS BEEN INCREDIBLE! Several series (with power points added monthly) of exciting power points (with embedded interactivity, videos, programming challenges, solutions, computer science theory, discussion hot topics, homework, suggested research, interactive quizzes, tasks and more) that will take you through some stunning computing theory and how to program in python! Tried and tested on teachers and pupils – learn all the basics AND MORE(!) and learn it well! Whether you are a teacher wanting some engaging teaching material or a student needing to quickly pick the language up to impress your mates (and teachers), this series is for you!

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Series 1 includes variables, sequence, selection, iteration, and functions, not to mention a load of interesting computing trivia and theory embedded in each ppt, along with learning objectives, quizzes, challenges, solution .py files, tasks and suggested hw, discussion topics and research. Sample lessons from the series below:
Lesson on loops

Series 2 covers everything from functions to, lists, list operations, list comprehension, tuples, sets, dictionaries, file handling, read and write from file, including working with CSV files, creating a facebook like application (teacherbook!), using file read and write/append techniques. All lessons include practical tasks, challenges and solution files can be found in 'code snippets' (on this site) or downloaded from the drive:

Lesson on File Handling - CSV Files

Series 3 introduces the concept of object orientated programming and the use of classes with Python. Learn how to create your own classes (and objects) from scratch, and understand OOP essentials. Download pygame and create games in pygame, step by step tutorials. Create a class based game in python and pygame. Understand some of the principles behind game design in programming including edge detection and collision detection. Explore and understand the algorithms and maths behind these important game design essentials. Collision detection in Python and Edge detection, boundary detection. A look at class diagrams and UML for design.

The Game design series introduces and examines game design essentials including collision detection and edge detection:

The GUI Programming in Python (Python programming with TKINTER) takes you through the essentials to programming with TKINTER (Forms, GUIs) and takes you through several useful project scenarios while doing so.

Additionally, head over to the CHALLENGES, or LEARN AND CODE ONLINE section for:
-learning pygame

-Solve and Learn series (pedagogically tested and very popular series for taking students from ZERO to ready to tackle mini projects with confidence)

-How-to Series - how to do anything and everything in python and try it yourself in an online trinket

-Challenges -beginner, medium and advanced challenges. Power Points. Solutions available.

-Solve and Learn pygame challenges

Plenty more coming soon